A sound map of LCC

We are asked to create a sound map around LCC in Elephant & Castle by considering different sound categorisation. There are soundscape vocabularies, which are important features of soundscape for the soundscape analyst. (Schafer, 1994) The Keynote sound is a sound that we could hear continuously as sound form of background against other sounds are heard. For example, the sounds of the internal combustion engine in the urban environment. Signal is a foregrounded sound that could be perceived to listen consciously. Signal sounds should be listened to since they compose acoustic warning devices that are sirens, car horns, bells and whistles. Soundmark is the terminology originated from landmark as a community sound that it would be distinctive or perceived by listeners in that community. (Schafer, 1994) In the university, from the starting point of entrance to typo café area, our group especially listened the signal sound of scaned student card barrier and keynote sound of machinery when gate barriers open. There is a soundmark of coffee machine sound in the café. And then we explored on the first floor from the tower building to library and canteen area. There is a soundmark of specificity in the canteen as if plates with spoons and forks make sounds. In the library, a keynote sound is produced from the printers.




Schafer, R. M. (1994). The Sound scape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World. Vermont: Destiny Books.


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