‘Imaginative Journey’

We had an ‘imaginative journey’ which was based on an anonymous pieces of music. We listened to five tunes in the session very silently. This activity was interpreting about music in my own way after listening. The session 1 was about writing the story about music I heard. In the raining day, I am walking on street in the city, however there is no anyone on the street. I keep walking then I see the change of clouds movement in the sky. And suddenly after hearing the rumble of thunder, sun is coming and then I reach some beach of sea. The sea waves breaks and spread onto beach. I sit down on the beach and see the big boat on the sea. Seagulls fry away and during walking continuously, I reached cliffs which is really high. I look down under the cliff and find an isolated house. There is one is fishing, so I walk down to that place. Suddenly he disappeared and no one there. Session 2 was imagining the name of tune that I heard. I named it as ocean. Session 3 was drawing the singer that I heard. I drew one old guitarist. Session 4 was following the instruction on my oblique strategies card. And my card was ‘take a break’, so I followed it by listening music. Session 5 was writing down the sounds I heard. In this part, I wrote silence and peers’ coughing and laughing sound. Cone (1974) states that ‘musical understanding’ means the ability to receive full message of music, and it is relevant with the listener’s experiences. Besides, ‘understanding of music’ composes the listener’s imagination.



Cone, E. T. (1974). The Composer’s Voice. Berkeley: University of California Press.


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